PRO Guidance

Resource | Get access to all the coaching resources, including a branded group, progress tracking, roadmaps, and student discounts.

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The PRO Guidance bundle is a special resource for certified coaches. It does not contain special learning or training content, but it unlocks coaching resources. We list this bundle here, but a purchase link is only provided on request and after completing the GROW Coach program as well as a certification workshop.

The coaching resources in this bundle are as follows

  1. A branded group that members or students can be enrolled in (they will see your logo alongside key content),
  2. Progress tracking of students (you can follow their steps through programs and workouts),
  3. Interactive roadmap downloads,
  4. Workout PDF sheet downloads,
  5. Coaching directory registration (so students can see you integrate mental fitness),
  6. Discounts for students and commissions on student purchases (except for college coaches, who receive an extra discount for their team instead).